Hello there, thank you for taking time to read about me. 


First of all, a bit about my name. The Chinese given name jīng 菁 conveys my mother's best wish for me: knowing the essence of things and growing like wild grass in this wild world. 

I'm a Global Perspectives on Society (GPS) fellow at NYU Shanghai. Before moving to Shanghai, I was a visiting scholar in the Anthropology Department at University of Pennsylvania. I earned a PhD in Social/Cultural Anthropology from Rice University in 2019. My research focuses on multiculturalism, memory politics, media ecology, Muslims in China, Chinese diasporas, Silk Roads, Asia and globalization.

Currently, I mainly work on three projects as follows. 


Following my dissertation project on Hui Muslims in Northwest China, I start a new project tentatively entitled Blacken Muslims: Islam and Politics of Recognition in Post-Mao China. It explores the multi-faceted Islamophobia in China. This project addresses questions such as: How do global discourses regarding the refugee crises and feminist movements shape the Islamophobic discourse in China? How do ordinary Chinese Muslims creatively respond through community engagement, art, and social media? I have published several essays in media, including this in Initium and this in CNPolitics.  


During the COVID-19 outbreak, I collaborate with my friend Li Li at University of Tübingen and initiate the Sinophobia Tracker project. This project archives and documents the information on Sinophobia, its spill-over effects, and on people's efforts to counter such trends worldwide during COVID-19 outbreak for future alarms against racism and xenophobia. If you wish to collaborate or have information to share with us, please contact us at sinophobia.tracker[at]gmail.com. For some of our public outreach, please visit our Facebook and check out our interview with unCoVer.


The third project is carried out in collaboration with Dr. Enrique Larreta, co-Director of the Center of Latin American and Global Intercultural Studies (CLAGIS) at East China Normal University. This project orients toward Asia, China and the America’s transpacific connections. Specifically, it has two phases. In the first phase, we are tracing the trajectory of Miguel Covarrubias (1904-1957, a cosmopolitan Mexican artist and anthropologist) and his works related to Shanghai, Bali, and New York. In the second phrase, we will investigate the visual and textual archive of the influential American Magazine ASIA published during the 1920s and 1930s in the United States.

I believe it is paramount to integrate knowledge and practice through media, education, and everyday life. I occasionally write and do podcast for media outlets. I am the translator for Hannah Arendt's "We Refugees" and "The Difficulties of Understanding", and Michael Taussig's Walter Benjamin’s Grave (forthcoming with Peking University Press).  

If you have any questions or simply want to reach out, please email me at haitun0815[at]gmail.com.


Hope our wild paths would cross in this vast, wild world!

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